We are a Leading Center Of Excellence for learning Spanish and Salsa in New Delhi NCR region, and are Affiliated to the Embassy Of Peru in India. We are very unique in that we offer courses for  Spanish and Salsa under the same roof, a very rare combination of the fastest growing foreign language and dance forms globally.

We also teach Hindi as a foreign language, which is a very unique offering. We include Enculturation as part of teaching Hindi to introduce key customs, Do’s and Don’ts when traveling In India.

Mundo Latino offers 10 levels, ML-1 to ML-10. Each level focuses on all 5 aspects of learning (SWIRL) - Speaking, Writing, Interaction, Reading, Listening.  There is also a very unique ‘Escucha Lab’ where students get individual wireless headsets for listening excercizes.

 Methodology- Fun and interactive. Specially Designed For Indian Students 
Whats New
We have frequent student/faculty interaction and several social events related to Spanish and Salsa.
Courses We Offer
Classroom courses, Corporate Trainings, Interpreter services etc
We Offer Basic/Inter/Adv.& Performance Courses.