Price List
  1. Special offers for school students in group for Spanish classes
  2. We also offer privates for Spanish and Salsa which are priced on case to case basis, you may contact our office or email to us for further details

SPANISH (Amount in INR)

Curso / Course Valor / fee Curso / Course Valor / Fee
Ml 1 10500 Ml 6 11500
Ml 2 10500 Ml 7 11500
Ml 3 10500 Ml 8 11500
Ml 4 10500 Ml 9 12500
Ml 5 11500 Ml 10 12500

This fee includes the registration, course materials, tuition fee, examination,  participation in Cultural workshops and invites to special events hosted by Latin Embassies from time to time, Certification (our certificate carries the seal of Embassy of Peru)

SALSA (for 1 month)

INR 1500 for 4 classes of 1.5 hrs each 
INR 3000 for 8 classes of 1.5hrs each

Trial Class - 1 hr for Rs 500 per person (adjusted in full if you register for a month the same day)

These do not include one time registration fee of Rs 500 (valid for a break of 12 months)

Private sessions also available - Charges on request  

Whats New
We have frequent student/faculty interaction and several social events related to Spanish and Salsa.
Courses We Offer
Classroom courses, Corporate Trainings, Interpreter services etc
We Offer Basic/Inter/Adv.& Performance Courses.