Why Mundo Latino

We are a leading Center Of Excellence for learning Spanish and Salsa in New Delhi NCR region, and are Affiliated to the Embassy Of Peru in India. We are very unique in that we offer courses in Spanish and Salsa under the same roof, a very rare combination of the fastest growing foreign language and dance forms globally.

-Extremely qualified global faculty with experience of teaching Spanish across 4 continents, and well acquainted with Indian culture

-Indian origin teachers with strong Spanish teaching experience and skills with a unique capability of working with widely spoken Indian language – Hindi during elementary levels

-Unique teaching methodology “SWIRL” focusing on 4 core skills – Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. All 4 getting together at the center to help people INTERACT effectively – the eventual goal of any language

-Use of extensively researched study materials, with contributions from our own faculty and leading reference materials from over the world

-Opportunity to travel to some of the Spanish speaking countries through ML assisted programs

-Exposure to the Latin culture and nuances of language in various parts of the world, and ability to go beyond the regular curriculum and content focused approach of most schools

-All of this with loads of fun and a very accessible faculty

Why Spanish Language

-One of top 3 spoken languages in the world
-The second most widely used business language after English
-The fastest growing foreign language globally for business and social networking
-With a combination of Spanish and English one can practically get around all inhabited parts of the globe
-Particularly large opportunities have emerged in recent times for Spanish speaking professionals given the surge in tie ups with Latin American companies and Spanish dominated parts of Europe and North America

Whats New
We have frequent student/faculty interaction and several social events related to Spanish and Salsa.
Courses We Offer
Classroom courses, Corporate Trainings, Interpreter services etc
We Offer Basic/Inter/Adv.& Performance Courses.